Ok well I had a very long texting battle with my boyfriends sister yesterday...If you have read my earlier journal a couple months back about him being half Turkish and his mom is full Turkish and in their cultor they think its ok to kiss on a babys privit parts and that his mom did it to him you will understand this journal. 

Well I have not let his mom or sister see my sons in a couple of months and its because his mom said she sees nothing wrong with kissing him down on his privit....I hate that woman she is so messed up in her head...Well anyway now his sister is pissed because I called their mom a child molester because lets face it she is and my child will NOT be around that....Last night his sister text me out of the blue bitching because of that and saying a mother can kiss her baby anywhere on the body she wants.  I almost screamed my boyfriend is upset because I wont let his family see the boys he says that he sees my point but he sees their point to.  There is no point to see its wrong what they do.  But he wont let my family watch our son because of the fact I wont let his family...But my family would never ever do anything like that and I know that but his mother out and out said that she thinks its okay to kiss a babys privit parts because its for good health in their colture...If anything it would cause an infection not good health.  My skin crawls thinking about these people and that one day my son might be around them without me know if his daddy takes him over there.  I am planning on leaving him kicking his sorry ass out of my house for good and get full custody with him having visitation rights.  Because he would have to move back in with his mom and I damn sure wont let my son go there.  Please some advice.

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 6:04 PM honestly id contact child protective services maybe THEY can drill some sense into them. Regardless of their culture in THIS country that is considered immoral and illegal.

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 9:35 PM

Do you really think so if I know they would talk to them and like you said knock some sense into them I would call them in a heart beat but I don't think they would go over and talk to anyone.  I'll try to find out thank you.

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 9:30 PM

There is nothing right about that. I would contact authourities. If they opening admit to doing it and see nothing wrong with it, then they should be just as open to CPS about it. You are doing the right thing keeping your child away from them, but unless you contact someone else, they could be doing this to other kids as well. Now is your time to step up and possibly protect other innocent kids. It is NOT right.


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