Well here we are again dear readers...Monday Monday Monday.  Sorry I missed my rant yesterday but I worked 14 hours due to a huge group coming in.  Then had to turn around and be back there at 5:00 this morning to work. So right now I am dragging butt.  I have got to pack for my mom's hosptial stay.  I have to work in the morning so I need to pack tonight.  Due to high gas prices we decided it would be cheaper to stay in a motel than drive down there tomorrow for pre-surgery and then buttcrack of dawn to have her there for her surgery.  I get an employee discount so we are staying just in the motel plus it is closer so we won't have to get up to early.  I am also trying to get my clothes caught up and the house clean so that I won't have to come home to a nasty house after staying at the hospital for days.  I am currently bribing my kids with pizza to help me get it done.  Not much to say on the sex toy department.  With her surgery and spring break I just won't have time.  I am in need of parties and I hate not being able to do one this weekend but family comes first.  That is exactly why I chose to go into my business.  I want to be able to earn money to support my family but be able to BE THERE for them.  I hate missing field trips, kite day, doctor visits.  This way I schedule parties for once or twice a week.  Plus I ENJOY my parties and products.  I really wanted to do something with the kids on spring break but it wasn't in the cards.  So dear readers as much as I enjoy talking to you I must go for today...I am hoping to post a blog tomorrow but if not I will as soon as I can....if your interested in booking a party check out my www.brownbagparty.com/rara or give me a call...







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