Is they be talking about their baby daddy like they still together. I understand you telling me what he said as conversation but - for example - I was talking to a female associate about traveling and living somewhere new. She like my baby daddy wants us to move down there. Like what does he have to do with you and ya aint together? Then I said I like Rupaul drag race she loves it to (don't know how and she doesnt have cable or internet...anyway) then she said baby daddy doesn't like gays but I have many gay friends.

I am not getting why she keep bringing him into the conversation. They don't go together and she say he aint bout nothing. So why give nothing a voice? I know another girl that does the same thing. Baby daddy uses her only for sex and always lying to her saying I move all of us to TX and you wont have to work no more. she be entertaining that thought. All he do is hit it and go. she don't meet or talk to his family. He dont get the kids. He barly pays child support. I just don't get it???

I need some non hoodrat ghetto friends....anybody else know dumb girls like these? I know I aint the only one lol

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 8:26 PM

Ha! Please there are plenty up here where I live and it don't get no better. They are all clueless and mostly in denial. They want to represent him like he's this and that but frankly he ain't worth sh*t. I would never reference the father of my child "babies daddy" that is just so ignorant and ghetto. I refer to him as either my SO or fiance'. 

All its pointing to other women is that your low class, downgrade and accept anything & everything from trashy dudes.

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 9:32 PM

Word! I don't refer to my son's father as baby daddy. I refer to him like I already did "son's father". Cause no matter how much I hate his lack of knowledge and ability to stand up I will not down him in front of my son. I will let him form his own thought. My mom tried to form my thought about mine but she was WAY off so yeah.

And those girls I know are...they are ghetto and uneducated and accept whatever comes there way. I got mad at one for tellimg me her baby daddy (her words not mine lol ) was going to marry her. He held a gun to her head not to long ago and only comes see you at night after the kids are sleep. On her son bday all he brought was some cold mcdonald's at night when the kid was sleep. He never even see the kids. I don't think they see him at all. 

I was pissed she would believe the lies and repeat them. I was like are u really that stupid?

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 2:52 PM

HA! I love your make me laugh so hard..because I know exactly what your talking about and the matter of factly way that you put gets me laughing.

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