My boyfriend and I have been thru hell and back in the past couple of weeks. My grandmother doesnt want me with him. the things is him and I have known each other since we were 8 years old and after 17 years have found our way to each other. we are good for each other support wise. He is recovering for drinking and drugs. I have had a lot go on in my past. Have a baby's daddy that isnt around and a husband that well wont divorce me because he doesnt want too.

2 weeks ago i sent my child to my grandmothers for the night so that way him and i could have some time together and well all hell breaks loose. a week prior my child fell from the 3rd step of our porch and had a bruise on her butt. My grandmother blew it out of context and accused my boyfriend of beating her. that day they show up at my house throwing him out. I know and believe that he would never lay a hand on my child for any reason. So i have stuck behind that. He moved back home with his parents and I gave him some time to calm down.

Him and I took my daughter to the beach and to disney and everything was fine. so I allowed him to come back to my house to help me with her while i work a full time job at night. and my baby sitter had gone out of town for the week.

Well my grandma found out that i was around him and still talking to him and she called the department of children and families on me. that day DCF was at my door asking questions. Everything went well. explained to her what happened. This has not stopped me from seeing him because i believe he did nothing wrong. my daughter loves him to death. She always ask wheres daddy. I hate to tell her that he is at his house.

so today i left him home with her while i work and I get a phone call from him saying that DCF will be back at the house tomorrow because I told her that he wasnt going to be left alone with him. I got in a bind and my sitter was out of town and im not talking to my family because they called them in the 1st place. So letting him stay with me was a way to be able to have my child at home and him there as well. But now that DCF is coming back tomorrow she wants to talk to both of us and we are a little scared that she will tell me that he cant be around her. That will cause some problems between him and I.

I dont deserve any of this crap. My grandmother thinks she is going to win in the end but she is sadly mistaken. I am alot stronger than she thinks. I love this man to death and I have a feeling i could be pregnant also. So he is extremely important to me. My daughter loves him to death and I dont want to take the only man she knows as daddy away from her. so I have planned trips out of town on my days off for the 3 of us. its a great thing to get away from the drama. We live in a very small town so everyone knows everyone.

It feels good to vent all of this.

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 11:34 PM

WOW! you really have Alot going on- i really hope everything turns out for you, your daughter & your boyfriend- maybe, you should let DCF see for their self how your daughter interacts with your boyfriend- that way; they can talk to your Grandmother & close the case- Wishing you Lots of Luck tomorrow:) Take Care-

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Apr. 18, 2011 at 11:56 PM

I agree with the above poster. Maybe if they see that your daughter isnt afraid of him and they get along with each other well..then maybe they will drop everything. Its tough when you have family members that think they know more than you do about your life but most of the time .. it just means that they care. I wish you luck and I hope that everything turns out well.

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 6:31 PM

Thanks Ladies. Well they came out today and told me that he cant be left alone with her until the investigation is over. Its not fair but we will make due until then. I had to call everyone i know to take my daughter today. my grandma has threatened to file for visitation rights to my child but i feel that she doesnt deserve them seems how she was the one who called DCF on my in the 1st place. I told her she was crazy and hung up. my child doesnt need to be around that.

so tomorrow im going to the county court house to see what i can do about a restraining order and also see a lawyer about getting papers drawn up to make sure that if something happens to me that my grandmother and father dont get her.

my boyfriend is upset because he knows deep down he did nothing wrong and we are being penalized for something he didnt do. i hate it becuz he was in tears today. its not fair.

but i told him everything will be fine. DCF said they need to close this case soon anyways so after then he will be ok to see her again.

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