Local Rockford residents and surrounding areas, come see what's new in Rockford Illinois. This site is a work in progress, featuring local Rockford area links to shopping, including Purses, handbags, handmade items such as baby gifts, hats, scarves, sock monkeys, jewelry, candles, crafts....links to local websites featuring Rockford area businesses, Scanner websites, neighborhood watch groups, and more!


Local vendor events will be featured, as well as contact information for local businesses, restaurants, boutiques and shops-farmer's markets and much much more. There's nothing like personalized service delivered locally to support the Rockford economy, and you simply can't get services and deals like this from national chains.

Support your local economy, stay in touch with local news and become an integral piece of your community by shopping and living local~give back to your community by becoming part of neighborhood interest groups and animal welfare organizations. There's nothing but benefits when you keep your money where you live~










































































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