We have been at our house for nearly 4 years, same guy all 4 years. I know they have a busy day, long route, whatever. Today he delivered 1 box to us and took our other next door to an empty house. I made it to the door as he was ringing the bell next door & waved as he looked up & over at me, he's never been friendly or even said hi when I do manage to catch him, he didn't acknowledge my wave today either, I was trying to keep our puppy & 3 boys from going out the door with me so I didn't really want to run after him nor do I think I should've had to.  He went to his truck & left.  Later UPS called my hubby saying that the delivery driver reported the house was empty, my hubby explained and he's going to redeliver tomorrow.  This is only one of many many many times in the past nearly 4 years of us ordering by mail.  The last incident was about a month ago when I ordered from Kohl's and saw him delivering next door, I knew they were already moved out so I figured it was my box and went to get it. I'm glad I saw him delivering it though. Ugh.  It's tempting to just pay more for mail or Fed Ex delivery just so I never have to see the UPS guy again. Just had to vent.

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