I'm so sick of my monkey ghetto arse family. My aunt is such a fool. I been not liking her over some time for always telling everyone what I say in conversations which result in a major problem for me. When I needed her help she was nver there, when I needed a place to say I couldn't stay but my stuff could. And once I got straight what did I see? Yep my stuff scattered through out her house and she acting like she dont know where that stuff came from...I bet you dont know what store I got it from but you know u went through my shit. Also she only liked me when I presumably had more money than before. She loved to brag about what I bought and where I worked but that is it.

So this ignorant person had the nerve to tell me I don't like my family and that I don't remember that I lived in the hood. Like who are you toTRY and tell me about what I did?? Nobody. I do not like going to family events because they make me feel so weird and out of place. They don't get why I like white men and make me feel weird or ask silly questions about it. They don't get why I hate the small town I lived in....dud there is nothing going on. They only want to talk about who is dating who and other stuff I am not interested in. I chose to stay away cause I have NOTHING in common with most of them. Not that I dno't like them just nothign to really talk about. And the few things we can talk about are from so far ago - that's it.

Yes I lived in the hood because my mother always wanted to live in the ghetto ( do not understand the appeal). I never focused on where I lived I stayed in the books and kept out of shit cause I didn't want to be like all of "them". I should be praised for acomplishing that task. not be ad fun of for not wanting to fail in life. My aunt and her kin are ignorant for saying that. She things she know everything. only thing she knows is having many baby daddies, section 8, and smoking weed with her kids. nothing else nothing more.

None of her kids have acomplished anything great. 1 kid went to prison for 10 years finally out, 2 kid graduated but still at home partying like a 18 year-she is 28 3rd kid hs drop out has had 3 kids and only 20. 3rd kid is nowhere just like the rest. I don't have ANY respect for my aunt anymore just cause she ran her mouth when it wasn't appropriate. I told her I can never love her again because she is such a bitch. I don't ask shit from her but to be my friend like aunt's typically are with their niece and nephews. not be a backstabber. The world is full of those.

I don't need not former drug addict trying to make me feel bad for accepting and loving myself for who I am. All the women in my fammily is keep drama going and spread nasty untrue vicious rumors and look at you like you have 3 heads when you confront them about it. There friends let them get away with it but I will stand up to their ignorance and they HATE it!!! They are all ghetto baby mammas.

I am a proud black woman that doesn't like the ghetto or most urban things. I enjoying working hard for the things I want. I don't like negative people to come near me. I will be real with whoever especially with myself.

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 11:59 PM

Good for you!  We should all stand up for being who we want to be!!!

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