at 28 and after 3 years of marriage everyone wants to know when u are going to get an addition to the family.. even though i m trying i havent told anyone ... dh isnt so very bothered about us conceiving or not.. i know i want it thts y he wants it too. if i say no he'll be fine with tht too or maybe even glad.. who knows.. having a baby at this point in my life would be very emotionally uplifting for me.. havent been feeling too good emotionally not coz of dh but generally.. but obviously tht is not the only reason to have a kid.. i wanna be a mother.. have my own.. its true that when u want someone badly you get it after lot of difficulty.. if u dun want it u get it in  a second.. this month i had a very positive feeling that i maybe pregnant but af showed her ugly face again.. its so frustating.. y do we take BC if its so hard to conceive.. venting also doesnt help anymore :(

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