So the other day didn't go as well as i planned, but i did end up by the end of the day being happy! I guess you could say i had my hopes up, but by the end of the day i ended up feeling relieved. Friday moring i got up at 7:00am to get a shower and try to get a ride to the mall so that i could buy a nice outfit for a friend who wanted to take me out for a bit, the night before my friend sean told me to meet him at the bar so that i could get a ride up to the mall so i could get my checks cashed and buy an outfit. well...It actually turned out that i was really late getting there only because i thought i had to be there a little before ten and not at exactly 9. I was a little bit upset because i let myself down. I then tried asking my friend James to give me a ride to the mall. He took me up there but i couldn't get my checks cashed so i ended up getting even more ticked at my self...that's what happens when you wait till the last possible minute to do anything. I was feeling a little rushed though because i was told at the last minute to wear a nice outfit, but i didn't  exactly have the time to get a nice outfit at 9 pm the night befor.

After i got home, i then wondered to myself that i let myself down plus everyone else that was counting on me that day. My friends mom decided to help me out with my checks and she cashed them for me. I was really happy about that considering she didn't have to.  I thanked her and went on my way. My Dad took me to mall while he waited to pick my son (Daniel) up from Head Start.  We had about 3 hours to ourselves. My dad sure was hungry. He insisted that he go to the food court to eat. I told him why not wait till i was finsihed finding an outfit and then we go eat. lol I ended up going to JCPenny's...they didn't have that bad of a selection and you can't beat the reduced prices that have on their clearance racks. lol What got me the most was that i found a pair of brown dress pants that was marked $21.99,  can't beat that for a very nice pair of dress pants. I found a brown tank top that was marked 5.99. and another nice top that's brown and yellow..they matched perfectly with my pants! i was happy about that. It was marked $4.97! YAY a whole new outfit for the day! Can't beat that...I also found a nice white shirt that over lapped the brown tank top i bought! looked really nice i must say! I spent $50.00 that day and was really excited about what i had found, i was really sure that i would have fun with my friends. I then went to the food court with my father and we had pizza. we talked for a little bit and then watched the kids that sang for everyone. It was really cute. after that my dad brought me home. I didn't know what else to say considering my dad doesn't talk much, but that day he was full of converstaion. I enjoyed my time with my father.  The plan was to  get picked up at three and go eat lunch and then hang out with friends after that. Well when i got home i got myself ready and waited for my friend to show up at three. I guess i didn't realize it at the time, but i was being stood up! my friend never showed so that put me in a bummed mood for a bit. i waited from three till 7 pm to figure out he wasn't coming at all.  later that day my friend James came over and we hung out for a bit, went to the bar and played some pool so i guess that day ended pretty well. I was happy and i wasn't so mad at all.

The next day i had made plans with my dad to go back up to the mall with my son for a book reading at the mall at Borders.  Before we went I had called to see what time my father was picking me up. My son answered the phone and when i asked if "Pappy" was home he mentioned that He wasn't! My mouth dropped and i asked my son where "grammy" was. he then said she's upstairs sleeping.  I asked him where pappy went and he said i think to the bank with uncle josh! Boy was i getting ticked off. Why on earth would you leave an alomst four year old alone downstairs by himself with no one watching his every move??? i sure wouldn't! to me kids at that age don't need to be getting hurt and having no one help them out when they need it! I told my son to hanfg up the phone and wake grammy up. He hung up the phone. I then called my brother to see if he was with him, He gave the phone to my dad and i just lost it from there. I yelled at my dad telling him why the heck would you just leave daniel by himself while grammy was sleeping? I even told him how would that look if someone found out and repeorted it. I don't really care if my mom was sleeping or not, i was more worried about my childs safety, and i'm pretty sure other moms would agree with me about this.  After i told my dad, that it should never happen again, he then apologized and said it wouldn't happen again! I got off the phone with him and then called my mom again! I yelled at her even though it wasn't her fault. only because my dad didn't have the guts to wake her up to let her know what was going on. Boy was  she ticked off. she started screaming at me saying i was the one at fault. I told her i would never ever leave my son alone like that. I was right, as a parent i do have the right to voice my opinions and concerns, but she didn't want to hear it at all and to me kinda made me feel like i'm the worst mother ever! It's her duty as a legal quardian over him that she has to take care of him and make sure he's ok. but i guess it didn't apply to it this time. she blew it off and blammed it on me! i wasn't happy about that! i wasn't even trying to start anything. i was just voicing my worries to her and she flipped.  Now i know i shouldn't of yelled at her for my dads mistake but as soon as she answered that phone i knew she wouldn't care at all. she said well i was here the whole time, but i didn't take that excuse.i told her it didn't matter if u were sleeping or not, my child doesn't need to hurt himself and have no one there to help him out! it only takes a second for something to happen and if someone isn't there then worse things could happen. and i'm not about to let that happen.

Anyways overall i've been a little frustrated, but i guess i'm still working out the kinks on everything. I'm not a perfect person or the perfect mother, but i do know when to stand up for my son and ppl that i do truely care about, yes family is really improtant to me, but when you disrespect someone elses belonging or children, it tends to leave an impression on that person and makes them not want to trust you that much anymore. I've learned over the past 3 in a half yrs that you can't just leave a child alone expecting him or her to be ok..they need someone there at all times. and to me just kind of made me really angry at the whole situation!

Should i have handled the situation differently???? really i want to know some of ur opions and beliefes. Let me know, I'm more then willing to listen and take advice for now! lol hope to hear from anyone!


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