Life gets into the way so often, and i let it get me down for quite a while, but I am finally back and I hope to renew with old friends, who meant so much, and make new ones. I am going thru a sep/divorce, three girls, believe n and love Jesus with all my heart, He is my strength if not for Him I would NOT have made it to today, specially these last eight months, with the destruction of my marriage, and breaking of my heart. I do have a good sense of humor, I do NEED to update my page, but have class n bout 2 hrs so dont have time right now, will do so soon. Oh, I am a full time student at Sinclair, I love it, though its very challenging with all thats going on, I am here to make new friends and connect with my old, to listen, and be a friend to others. So check me out n see if your interested, let me know :) its rainy today, but was soooo beautiful yesterday, my girls are on spring break this wk, so hopefully it will b only today!! I hope this is all makin sense Im half asleep lol, oh life is always changing, and I am learning to enjoy the moment, I mean you hear that, but I really am learning that, and its taking off stress, and putting on contentment. thats crazy!! with all thats goin on, but I am contented, and actually happy to not be dating right now, I am still figuring me out! Anyway, I hope that you ALL have a wonderful day, oh and my dear friends, wait til you see the girls!!! they dont even look the same! I promise Ill get it done n the next few days, and I am soooo lookin forward to hearing from you all!! Lets have fun and get to no each other!!!  Jolene

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