A.C.E. is an all natural appetite control and energy supplement! It's awesome for weight loss! I would love to send you a FREE SAMPLE if interested! Also, if you know of any salons or businesses that would be interested in carrying it please let me know!  So inbox me if interested... and below I've shared some info about the business opportunity with SABA! :)

The home-based business and the wellness industries. Just consider these statistics:

* More than 13.6 million people participate in home-based businesses
* Baby Boomers are wellness-driven ? and represent $5 trillion of a $10 trillion economy
* 30% of U.S. adults 20 years of age and older ? 60 million people ? are obese and have health concerns

That?s just for starters. If you look around your own community, you?ll find friends and neighbors that are putting an acute emphasis on wellness in their own lives. They?re actively seeking convenient, trusted and powerful resources for better managing their health. And that?s just what you?ll provide with Saba.

By becoming a Saba Associate, you?ll be selling a product that has a successful track record behind it. You?ll be joining a team that?s backed by AMS Health Sciences, Inc., a 20-year-old company that?s a proud affiliate of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). And you?ll be creating an investment in a personal enterprise that offers:

* Financial freedom ? An ideal way to own your own business or earn extra income
* Flexibility ? Work when you want, how you want (and suddenly find more time to do all the other things in life that you can never seem to get around to)
* Integrity ? Be part of an organization that?s committed to ethical business practices and adheres to the standards set by DSA
* A Risk-Free Opportunity ? Joining the Saba team requires no major investment, no franchise fees and no inventory ? and yet gives you an unlimited sales territory

If you don?t have direct selling experience, don?t worry. Neither did most Saba Associates when they started. But they had ambition, wanted more control over their lives and knew a good opportunity when they saw it. So when you?re ready to get started, you?ll get everything you need ? training, DVD presentations on Saba products, a personal Saba web site to manage your business, participation in nationwide sales conference calls and more.

The Compensation Plan

As you?ve probably guessed by now, seven?s a magic number around here. The seven adaptogens that comprise Brekhman?s Choice Special Formula are at the very heart of Saba.

So it?s no surprise that you?ll also find seven ways to earn money with Saba:

1 ? Direct Sales: Purchase products at the wholesale price and sell at the retail price.

2 ? Preferred Customers: Earn weekly commissions from preferred customers who purchase Saba, auto-ship or re-order product.

3 ? Fast Start: Enroll a new associate with a product pack and earn up-front bonuses.

4 ? Enroller?s Enroller Bonus: Earn up-front bonuses when your personally enrolled Associates enroll new Associates with a product pack.

5 ? Weekly Team Commissions: As a qualified Associate you earn 10% of your lesser leg commissionable volume (CV) on Team A or Team B. Example: If you had $1,000 CV on your strong leg and $800 CV on your lesser leg, you would earn $80. (10% of 800). Your commissions cap out at $25,000 per week from your pay side. Commissions are paid weekly and direct deposited into your checking account. If you are not on direct deposit, commissions will be paid when you earn $100 or enroll a new Associate.

6 ? Matching Bonus:

o 1st generation 50% Receive when you become a Sr. Associate
o 2nd generation 20% Receive when you become a Director
o 3rd generation 10% Receive when you become a Bronze Director
o 4th generation 5% Receive when you become a Silver Director
o 5th generation 5% Receive when you become a Gold Director
o 6th generation 5% Receive when you become a Platinum Director
o 7th generation 5% Receive when you become a Executive Platinum Director

Example: Bob, a Platinum Director, personally enrolls Jim, another Platinum Director, who earns $10,000 on his weekly pay side commissions. Bob would receive $5,000 for Jim?s matching bonus (50% of $10,000).

7 ? Monthly Bonus Pool: 3% of the wholesale volume of Saba is put into a bonus pool, paid out each month to top producers and builders.

Plus you can earn additional income from cash contests, awards, recognition and much more.

Please contact me if interested!

saba. for you. for life. :)


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