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   Unfortunately my father in law died almost 2 years ago of cancer. He had  his own buisness, which he ran from his house.Unfortunately he met my mother in law (my husband is her son) 20 years ago.I don't know if he thought that she could keep the buisness going after he passed away but he did hire my husband to do the work that he was doing.They had alot of clients.They  do book keeping for small buisnesses in town and they do taxes. I wish my mother in law would go sit her ass down some where and leave the clients alone.She managed to loose another one this morning.This buisness is supposed to end up belonging to me and Shane in about 3 years.It isn't doing as good as it was. She called bawling her eyes out at 9 oclock this morning "Boo hoo can I talk to Shane?"This happens alot.I did cover the mouth piece while I handed Shane the phone but was like "What the hell is her problem now?" She lost one of their big clients this morning.Why?Because as usual all she did for a good chunk of yesterday was sit around stuffing her face at a restaruant  and then decided to go shopping!She was supposed to be doing a tax return-that was a different cleint and also she was supposed to be doing the books for this mans company.She got back to the office yesterday and decided she didn't feel like doing anything so she went home.So Pat called her this morning  wanting his stuff and guess what she told him? "I forgot" Sounds like he was pretty pissed. So now Shane had to go to work an hour early to calm that old bat down (not that I think it really matters but she is 67) and try to save the Pat  account even though she said he didn't want them handling his stuff any more. Shane has saved the day for her more than once this past week.Their secratary almost quit last Friday because monster in law was driving her insane...Sheesh all I wanted today was my new cell phone. That isn't gonna happen now.Gonna spend the day stressed out because there is gonna be alot more drama from her to come.There always is when the day starts off like this.

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 1:58 PM

I'm sorry. Hope things settle down soon. Sounds like she needs someone who will actually do some work AT work!

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