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I received a message in my e-mail today, reminding me I should get back here pronto, or my account would go dormant.  So here I am, ready to join in the fun again. 

Thank goodness, my computer is working again.  I have had an awful lot of techno-glitches, since New Year's Day.  That meant my online time was very limited, my cell phone/text messaging was costing me a fortune, and I had no Skype, or Magic Jack.  My computer was fixed in March, but went down again the first week of April, came back up the second week, and promptly went down again.  I spent a lot of time in tears, and frustration, but it was finally fixed again.  It turned out it wasn't my computer causing all the grief, it was my monitor.  So, until I can get another one, I am using my grandson's monitor, which works out OK, since his computer isn't working now anyway.

So, that's why I haven't been here in a while.

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