I went in on Friday for my typical NST. I have always been going and then having to be observed for her not scoring correctly. I knew going in this day that I would be staying ( I had been telling my husband we would be there on his birthday having her. Lo and behold, Jae didnt want to do everything she was supposed to, so I was shipped over to observation. After my hour of it, the dr came in and said my OB was there, but was just leaving but he did say they could keep me and induce me since I was supposed to go in the following Wednesday anyway. I decided to stay, I was READY for her to be here. So they transferred me over to L & D and started my meds at about 1 am. I alwasy take off pretty quick once I get potocin. At 7 am I got my new nurse Noelle she was wonderful! She stayed with us the whole time , never left. I made sure to make it clear to her that I did NOT want any kind of medications no matter what. As we got to talking we asked how many babies she delivered. She said she usually gets to deliver one a year and it always made her day. I told her that when it comes time for me to push, I know and it only takes me one or two pushes. I then told her that if she got the baby here before 12pm ( it was my sisters prom and she had to leave) so my sister was there to tape it I would make sure  the baby was there before the dr could make it and she would deliver her. Labor went really well, we all were laughing and talking and joking the whole time. Finally at about 11 my labor got hard and painful. I told Noelle to get me an epidural. She looked at me and told me no! She said you told me you wanted no meds and we are doing this the way you wanted to! ( I am SOOO thankful she did that) At 1130am the dr came in to check me. He said I was at a 7 and he had a c-section to do and after he would be back to check on me. I turned over onto my hands and knees, that always helps with my pain and to move the baby down for me.   Not 5 mins later I looked at Noelle and told her I had to push. She laughed and said there was no way. As I turned over, someone in the room said "Oh my gosh! I see the head!" As she got me ready, Noelle turned to the nursing student and was yelling at her to page everyone. I think she was a little overwhelmed because she didnt know what to do! At that point not only was Noelle yelling at her, so was my husband. He and Noelle were both down there ready to catch Jae. It was 2 pushes and my beautiful little Princess was here. As soon as she was here, they put her right on my stomach( never did that with conner), but her cord was so short it kind of yanked her back. As I laid there holding my daughter everything seemed perfect. They never took her from me, they did all her vitals and everything as I was holding her.  Jaelynn Nikole was born at 1147am on 5-2-09( her daddys birthday too) weighing 5lbs 2oz and 18 inches



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