Toddlers have a true desire to help you with chores.  They see you doing things around the house and since you're their favorite person, they naturally want to be included in the fun and do what you do.  Let them!


There are many things toddlers can do around the house to "help", even though sometimes it means more work for you.  If you allow them to go at it and give them a little instruction, you'll be amazed at what they can do all by themselves.


Toddlers may be too young to have regular weekly chores but they should be required to pick up or help pick up their toys every day.  This can actually be a fun time if you sing a special song or blast their favorite tune and dance around while picking up.


Depending on the child and their desire to help, they can:


Sweep floors.  Just remind them not to eat any Cheerios they find on the floor.  Kids like to sweep up little piles, but you'll need to negotiate the dustpan for them.


Set the table.  This is a lesson in counting as they pick out 4 forks and 4 spoons to put on the table.  You should take care of the knives.  Show them where everything is supposed to go and they will do it.


Easy cooking tasks.  Toddlers can mash potatoes, wash grapes, or tear up lettuce for the salad among other things.


Make the bed.  Demonstrate how to pull the sheet and bed cover up and where to place the pillow.  They may do it in their own signature way, but that's okay.


Laundry.  Young children can load the washer or dryer for you.  There's even a lesson in colors as you show them how to sort out the laundry. They may enjoy putting away their clean, folded clothes in the drawers that they can safely reach.


Rake leaves or pull weeds.  Raking leaves into a pile is fun, pulling weeds is not.  But if your child actually wants to pull weeds, let them!


These are only some of the things toddlers can do around the house.  The chores may not be done to your high standards, but resist the urge to constantly correct them or you'll squash their desire to help.  Their methods will improve as they get older.  In the meantime, all helping hands on deck!


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