Not really I guess. I told him that tomorrow we would go together and we would file for a divorce together. I am sooo sick and tired of him arguing with my daughters. Mostly my youngest daughter. Every day from the time they wake up... when they are at school things are most peaceful...then when they come home .. he comes in the door.. well she is in trouble.. she is grounded.. she is getting a whipping. I dont mind him disciplining my kids. .not at all when they need it . But come on . EVERYDAY is getting a bit old! I know that she has an attitude problem and when I see this .. I do get her .. but I am just tired of it all  the time and every day. I told him when we married that my kids would always come first no matter what. We have gotten along well and done great for the last 6 years.. this is my only complaint and I have talked til I  am blue in the face about it .. so this is the only thing that I know to do. Thanks for listening to my rambling!!

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