Some of you may not have known that I was expecting again, since I have been gone for so long. But he is here and this is his birth story.

On August 5th I went in for my normal NST. I had been having constant contractions every 7 mins for about 12 hours at that point. Baby ( we never found out the sex) was very happy that day and passed. My dr said he would check me and if I wanted him to strip my membranes he would since I had been contracting all night. I told him they had already checked me at the hospital when I was in a few weeks ago and I had been at a 3. So he checked and I still was at a 3. He went ahead and stripped my membranes and informed me that he would be in the hospital on Saturday, but he would be surpriesed if I didnt have a baby within 24 hours.  I was excited to hear that but at the same time hoped I made it to Sat because I wanted him to deliver the baby. Friday came and I couldnt keep anything down was still contracting and not feeling good at all. I went up to triage and they tanked me up and sent me home "because they had more patients who actually need rooms." I didnt think they should have sent me home but I went anyway. On Sat. I was still feeling the same and knew my dr would be there and that he would have me come in and keep me. I called and they had me come up. My nurse hooked me up for fluids and went to talk to my dr. He said he was keeping me and I wasnt leaving until I had a baby. He was upset they sent me home the night before too. They sent me to L & D. My dr said I could let things take its course or they could help me along knowing I usually go fast with pitocin in me. I took the option of pitocin. I ate before they started me and walked to go see a friend of mine ( she was due the same day as I was and had her baby on Friday). I got back and they started my meds I called family to let them know. they all arrived by 11pm. Since I had already been having contractions, the pitocin kicked in really quick. I walked as much as I could. By 4am, I was into hard labor. I again asked for an epidural cause I knew it would only get worse (we knew this baby was going to be ALOT bigger than my last two) but it was too late. I got in the shower and my body naturally started pushing at that point my nurse got a bunch of blankets and put on the floor. She paged for more nurses. She check me and I was at 8 and I had to try to keep from any pushing. They got me in my bed and called the dr in. Since I use a teaching school I had another dr and my dr wouldnt come in until I was ready to push. She checked me me and said I was at a 9 and couldnt push. I told her to get MY dr in there bc I WAS pushing! Just them my dr came in and checked me he told me he could reduce me and I could push. It took 3 pushes and my baby was here! To let everyone know what it was, my DH was going to announce the name instead of the sex. Liam Roger Douglas was born 8-8-10 at 447am weighing 7lbs 6oz and 21 1/4 inches...... HUGE baby for me! But he was perfect!!!! Even with how big he was, I only had one small tear and they only sewed it up bc he couldnt get it to stop bleeding. Holding him, I realized that our  family was perfect and complete!!!!



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Apr. 19, 2011 at 10:16 PM

congrats    hi    he is so cute

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May. 3, 2011 at 11:33 PM

Thanks Ladies!!!!

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