hey ladies hope you can all help and share some of your experiences with me...

im 35 weeks and due on 21st of may....found out this morning off the midwife that over the weekend babys head has dropped into my pelvic bone....does this mean i might come earlier or soon???

anyone remember when this happened to them and how long it was till they went into labour???

any help would be hugely appreciated xxx

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Apr. 20, 2011 at 11:15 AM

My second daughter's head dropped into my pelvis at about 34 weeks.I mean she was low.It actually felt like I was about to deliver her but I was only dilated to 3 and I stayed that way for the next 6 weeks.When I finally did go into labor I went from 3 to 10 in an hour due to her head pressing on my cervix.So I wouldn't say you will automatically go early,but you should go fast.Good luck.

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