My sister Leann age15 went missing last night while her parents where asleep. She had been chatting online to a guy that she met on myspace and they started useing a video chat. My dad did not pay much attenchen to what the kids did online he thought he could trust her but this is what can happen if you do not watch what your children do. The guy Garret Kraniake talked my sister into running away with him but had said TX she thought they was going to TX but when they was cought today at about 11:30am they was in Knoxvill TN on their was to pittsburgh. Now if my sister had not have called Dad we would not have found her in time i fear . This is very important and i hope that you as Parents will watch what your children do online i know that i will always be watching what mine do. This was very scary and i thought i might have lost my sister i had no idea what could have happen to her. How ever my sister is now in Juvi and he was sent to jail cause he was in his 20's. Scary thing is this guy is on twitter and is freinds with 12 year olds so please watch out for guys like this.

We are Thankfull she is alive and safe.

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 6:28 PM

I am happy your sister is okay. It is really scary to hear stories like this. Thank you for sharing to keep us all aware.

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Apr. 20, 2011 at 3:34 AM

I'm sorry this happened, really I am but we as parents truly can not see everything.  At some point we have to hopefully instill something in our children that help them to be strong enough to make better choices.  Its not about trust because teenagers can't always be trusted but we can only do the best we can. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad she is safe now.

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