I hate you so much u don't understand the feelings i get when i see your fucking face! You get me so fucking pissed off blaming me for losing that fucking check. I take 50% of that blame so be a fucking man and take the other 50%! U didn't give me the damn check u showed it to me but i left it on the dash board of the truck 50% of my blame is not pocketing it, putting it in my purse or giving the damn thing back to you. U saw the check there as well why didn't u ask for it back? U were on the passenger side as well and the check was right in front of you why didn't u put it away as well? No cause u moralez's never do nothing wrong right? What you guys are good at is creating a scapgoat to put the blame on because God fucking forbid if a moralez is at fault. That appointment you had we were rushed and we had the kids and yes they weren't in the greatest behavior that is what you expect from a 4 year old and 1 year old hello and yes when you were driving fast on a curve everything fell down on my side and yes i cleaned it up but if i saw the fucking check i'd of put it in my purse not back on the dashboard or throw it for that matter, but the audacity you had to call me during work and ask me "where is my check? I want my check" and then to go to facebook and message me telling me that your done that it was my fault as well as my fucking kids well mother fucker FUCK YOU TOO and fyi they are your kids as well. Like i said i'll take the 50% but take the other don't dump it on me! All you had to do is go back tell the guy to cancel the check and voila thats it but then u call me again and start ranting about a $35.00 charge the guy is going to charge you cause thats what the bank is going to charge him for a cancelled check well who gives a fuck just pay it take it out of the check what the fuck can we do it's OUR fault but still u still blame me so fiine out of anger i'm at work and up in the front desk with tears of anger tryign to hold them back and wanting to yell at each caller and wanting to just tear the head of clients that are coming in!

Fine the ride home i keep me mouth shut especially when you drive fast and cuss and throw the finger at drivers that are slow, ignorant or just because they "get in your way." Fine still i keep my mouth shut and don't say shit even after picking up the kids from daycare then my mom calls me asking me if i was going to go to her house cause my sister was wanting to know and u ask me why my mom wants to know if we have cashed the refund check (to you guys reading the check that is lost is totally different than the tax refund) and going to her house where the fuck did you get that fucking sentence from my mom wanting to know if  i was going to her house cause my sister wanted to know ? Y do you ask? Is it because you think that all my parents ask for is money from you once you get it? Or because u just deep down can't stand how they are and wish your fucking family was like them in helping ur ass out? or because in your opinion they always give everything to my sister who you hate?  AND what is it to you if i do give them money? I'm not fucking stupid to give them all of it but y not? They help us in EVERYTHING! Who the fuck was there everytime we are on a disconnection notice for the light and we can't make it? My parents! Who as there when they repoed the car (because everytime we had money I'd had to put it off because you always needed something or wanted something for your business THAT IS ANOTHER VENT IN ITSELF) and we were carless? Who lent us the vehicle? My parents even though the loaner they lent was a 1985 ford truck that wasted gas like i piss out water, but eventually they traded us for the nissan truck due to the truck oh but your parents have how many vehicles? lets c one (bros truck) two (van) three (van) and oh year four (another truck) and how many use those vehicles hmmm only two ur mom is always with your father and ur brother and dad won't let her drive so there are in essence two vehicles not being used where was that help? What was their excuse we are using all of them no those fucking people don't raise a fucking help at all. When was teh last time ur parents have seen our kids what like weeks and it's cause they live like down the fucking road practically and we have to surprise them by dropping by because then the excuses come up of I'm working and the house is a mess. Who was the one who would help us with gas money cause we didn't have enough? my parents! When you wanted to go to Imaging USA and it was a lifetime experience that will help you with your business and we didn't have the $200? There goes my mom cause she is proud of what you are doing in your business and beleive in you! I don't like to bombard my mom with our kids in taking care of them like my sister does but when we do need their help or want to go out she is there to help where is ur mom? She can't even take care of at least one of them cause she is busy or cause her husband and son have her here and there doing this and that like a fucking slave cause they can't get their balls up to do it? I needed that help when that check was lost yesterday at least just one of them and cause she lives right down the fucking street where as my mom is like literally three towns over. WTF?  My parents help their daughters not out of obligation or cause they have to but because they want to and just becasue we aren't under thier roof and if they see that they can help even if it's to watch the kids or give us gas money then out of their love they are going to do that. My parents have done a lot especially take us in when we first started out as husband and wife and you can't help them just one fucking bit at all you get ur fucking boxers all out of whack if they ask you to wash the truck you are using the one they lent us or when they ask you to change the oil or check the oil and i remind you you get so fucking out of whack DUDE IT'S NOT UR FUCKING VEHICLE ONCE YOU GET A JALOPY YOU CAN FUCK IT ALL U WANT BY NOT CHECKING NOTHING IF YOU WANT BUT THIS VEHICLE ISN'T YOURS!!!!!!!

So fine i didn't say nothing but get it straight to you that my mom wasn't asking about the refund check we drive up to the apartment and your fucking mom calls and I know she was talking about the check cause you tell her no we haven't cashed it i haven't had time etc. WTF is your fucking problem you tell me not to tell no one the amount we are getting back and you get pissed because YOU THINK that my mom is asking about the check and if we cashed it oh but u can up and tell your mom right? Next time just fucking tell me don't tell your family who are money hungry cause ur fucking parents are all saint like and not even they are all pastors and can't even help their son but a stranger they give and help OMG I so fucking hate you right now the feeling u dredge up when we get mad or when u piss me off is one that scares the shit out of me! I know and I think i still love you and we have good times just these things these double standards this hate or attitude u have towards me and my family when things aren't going ur way that attitude u give me and dredge up is of hate of disgust! I was willing to take the 50% have the balls to take the other 50% of the fucking blame! Fuck you and fuck your family too for the shit u put me through and the shit u think ur family is so holy on

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