It has gotten to the point that in my marriage, it seems i can do no right and he does no wrong.  I was driving our standard pickup.  I failed to let of the gas completely while engaging the clutch.  But later that evening, when he did the same thing and I said something to him about him doing it also.  I must have been mistaken.   Fast forward...this evening on the way to dinner, he reaches over and fondles my breast in view of anyone who wanted to look.  I made the comment that there is a time and place for everything.  He gets mad.  I always have a smart comment, he says.  So, I just shut up and even quit humming.  Then he has to gas the truck like some teenage boy.  I was so embarrassed, but didn't say anything.  I just make stuff up sometimes, he says.  I'm so unsure how to act or what to say anymore.   Sadly, after dinner when he insisted on me telling him what was wrong, I did.  He offered me a divorce and I didn't just go ahead and say yes.  Part of me still loves him and cares for him, but if this keeps going...I'll be looking at a divorce.   Maybe that would be best for both of us.   He is always flirting with the young waitresses and I'm just supposed to act like it's ok.  But if I flirt, then hold the roof on, cause he's blowing up.  These seem like double standards to me. 

Sorry, I just had to vent! Feel free to comment!

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May. 3, 2011 at 4:04 PM

It is a double standard, its not right but its true. I think you need to look at things, decide if you can handle life with him or life without him. Only you know what is best. We all have a breaking point and it seems like you are getting close to yours. Love you and hope to see you soon! Call me if you just need to talk!



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