"The Purpose Of God's Goodness"
April 19,2011                                                      Tuesday
                                         Psalm 67:1
God's daily Blessings are Proof Positive that He is indeed a Good god who Cares for his own. But how will this world know this about our God if we never Praise Him for His Gifts of Grace in our lives. It's all about Him!!
                 As endless as God's Blessing are,
                        So should our Praise be
                      For all His Daily Goodness
                     That flow unceasingly!
   God is so Good-make sure the people in your world
             know what He has done in your life!! I sure do!!!
Have     A       Jesus      Filled        Blessed    Tuesday !

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 9:57 PM

God is so Good!

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