the truth of the heart !!!

some days i just do !!!!

on some days for some reason i find my self looking over the last 5years as much i have changed ? how i looked be for my kids, how big i got how much i have lost & what size i am now !! some days i just do !! its hard not to :) i look at my stretch marks  (not as battle scars) from those 3 days with my middle wife that i brought all 3 of my kids med free in to this wold as a mother and a fighter a survier of nature :) a great battle of nature !!! some times i look at it different ? as broken, damage,different then i was be for ? some days i just do !!! i for get how fair i have came and how much i have done i can only see the different and poke at my soul and weakness ?  lake of time i never site to eat in a day i am all ways running after 3 kids u think i would have all the time to work out and u think the lbs would just roll of as much as i do >>but we i for get i went from 125 be4 kids to 210 prego to 155 now. i don't look at my self as how much i have lost, i look at my self only as what i was and what i am now!! i poke and tear at my soul some time s i just do !!!!

i for get how much i have lost, i for get how strong i am because of my different now, i for get through the scars tell a story of life love and 3 very special kids who make my life full, i for get the power it took to have 3 kids with a mid wife all natural & most off all i for get i did it all!!!

some times i just do !!!! DONT FOR GET LIKE I DO LOVE ALL OF YOU !!!!! :)


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