Question: do u miss the brest freinds club and wouold u like to see it back




with changes

like it used to be

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 hello all ..   well its me again olde gramma carol,... girls its been a wild ride let me tell u... my divorce went well we parted freinds ... however.... my 'othre relantionship' well aint goin so hot ,... but im not here to whine over that... what i do want to say is  where are my members at and why are they not in chat ? im not gonna say ive been around a lot because well no i have nt but since the divorce ive been workin a lot  more and now im goin to school and i have a second dog and well im just busy is all and id like to see the group do better  can somneone tell me why cafemom is not as hot as it used to be? where are u moms at? the ones who needed someone to talk to and those who stay at home and dont ebver get out and dotn have close freinds,...l w hre are u ??/' do i need to bring back the best friends club ? would u like  for me to do tht/ i will if u waqnt me to just say the workd i  dont need any admins all i need is memebers i can handle teh group alone if nessicary... im in here most ever day even if only to9 check the post and add a reply... all i want is for a active group and freinds who truly care about each other .. i wilkl chedck thixs      post dailoy i wo9udl like some fe3ed back let me hear from u and lets see4 wht the moms want .... thanks fr om all of u

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Apr. 19, 2011 at 10:54 PM

Gramma I have not really had a chance to get to know you much sense joining your group HOme sweet home. I am a mother of a 6 month old and pregnant again. I have recently started having some issues. So there for I am not around so much any more. I am game for what evwer you want to do. Like i said I am not on much but when I do yes it ias nice to have some one to talk to. So you do what is best for you. If you do change or re create please send me a invite and I will for sure check it out.

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