I shouldnt of moved back to IL :/ note to self: Never again move away from friends & family! lol I mean it isnt soo bad out here if i could work and make new friends id be fine...right now its really hard becuz im home all the time & the few friends i do have are either busy w/work & their kids or broke & cant do anything!!! :'( ehh if i could clone myself and or friends that would be great. it seems hard to find anyone like me :/ lol idk just very frustrating to feel like a loner!!! Hopefully soon when my bf goes back to work after he recovers from his injuries!! lol i can work also :) that would be nice, i wouldnt be going so stir crazy!! Cant wait to go visit my friends and family soon <3 i miss them all sooo soo much. Hopefully we can move either back to AZ or at least closer!!! sheesh.


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Jun. 27, 2011 at 11:32 PM

I moved to the east coast after we got married and it was tough.  As soon as we started having kids we moved back to the midwest.  (I live in Wauconda.... not too far from Gurnee).  I feel for you.  Moving away from family and friends is hard.  I hope you adjust ok.  Stop by anytime if you would like to chat. Amy

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