MAn I have to walk down 50+ stairs to the laundry room and then pay $1.75 to wash. It is a typical size washer. There is a dryer but last time I used it it didn't get my clothes dry so I ge the wonderful task of bringing wet clothes up the stairs...wait before that aftr putting the clothes in I go back up there stairs for about 5 minutes and then waslk back down to get them. Then have to carry them back up all the stairs and hang them up.

I don't really like doing laudry cause those are a lot of stairs. lol Really wish the manager at the time didn't put me so far up. I coulda took an apartment that was on a lower floor that was semi done to avoid walking up all these steps. In August I get to move to the 1st floor. Which is awesome but til then I have the task of walking up so many stairs. Hate it.

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