I am in comlete shock that this year my little Isaiah is no longer little "Moonie" and will be in high school next year, He also will be learning to drive by the end of the year and I can not believe how time fast is going for him. Just yesterday he was running through the house on his tip toes, watching Teletubbies and waiting for one of his grandmas to come get him so he can go to McDonald's for french fries. When did he grow up and how did I miss it? I still see him as my little guy who always made sure he kissed his mom on the cheek every day. And thank God he still does! With Zaya getting older, little Miss Nani is as well. It is hard for me to believe that she is going to 6th grade next year. She still has the first doll I bought her for her first birthday so when did all the bras, lip gloss and curlers come into play? It is almost depressing. I have to thank God that my mom taught her kids to be close and protect each other cause that is all you have in the end is your family and my children display that everyday. They fight and carry on but in the end God help the person who has tried to come between them. 

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