Wow, the results so far are making me super happy I decided to do this. Ive lost 4lbs I checked my weight yesterday before my workout and my motivation is higher than ever to keep going on this. Challenge the next few days will be getting the energy to workout while AF is visiting..ugh. BUT I will not give in no slacking for this mama.

The kids are all sick Sean has possible pnemonia and is on nebs and steroids, Lindsey has a bad cold/cough, Kaylee has a sinus infection...Im just glad I already had my share of the illness going through this house and it was before I started this workout. Hopefully it doesnt come back. The best thing with this is its only 20 mins so no matter what is going on I have time for it, the little one still takes his naps like a champ and the girls are quiet and relaxed during that time. I thought it might be hard during April vacation to squeeze in the workouts with the girls home but they havent interupted once. Bribery has been working to get my 20 min of time.

Anyway 2 more days til I move on to level 2...kinda scared..but excited at the same time because level 1 is getting easier(not easy) to im looking forward to challenging myself!


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