Which of these kids is autistic? Not sure? Somedays neither am I. But I do know his classmates have worked out that he will do whatever he's asked, and is so laid back and trusting he will take his little brother into a car they've never been in before! The school assures me that they will be talking to those classmates of his and him about the problem. And believe me, we did cover it as soon as they got home.

But really, who told these kids it's alright to get a laugh from the "different" kid? I want to meet these people and find out where their kids are getting these things from.

In all fairness I do realize that a lot of what they're doing comes from places like Ed, Edd, and Eddy. My kids love that show and I have to keep pointing out that it's just a cartoon, real people get their feeling hurt when you do some of this crap. But what kid doesn't like slapstick? 

I think the biggest problem is that our boy is high functioning and mainstreamed. He has the aid and is pulled out of class at the same time each day for OT, PT, and speech, but his classmates really don't know what he does there or why. 

I truely believe that if we want to make an Autism Awareness Month it would be nice if they'd start in the schools. If children are the future, then the explainations and cures will come from them. Let us give them the information about their classmates so they CAN care enough to find the answers.

Meanwhile, our top math and reading student may fight with money and how much is what for the rest of his life. It would just be nice to know that someone will be there to help him when we can't. Why should special education be just for "special" children. Teach the "normal" kids about how things are different not just that they are.


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Apr. 20, 2011 at 12:57 PM

People are mean and don't teach their kids that everybody is different..

My son has motor tic's and he gets picked on for it, constant picking and being made fun of has caused him to delvelop a temper. Now the same kids that have made him that way taunt him with "ANGER PROBLEMS" when he gets upset..

Kids and parents are so mean and nasty these days...

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