A short history.....

2 months ago I was approached by the Dean of Students at FVTC to take a full time internship position with the college. 40 hrs, student services/instructor aide. SUPER stoked, I was. I put in my 2 week notice at the campus bookstore and was out! I trained with the enrollment facilitators at the main campus for 4 weeks before my desk was set up at the new facility.

Fast forward 2 weeks.....now the union is pissed. Why is an intern running the facility? Why does she have a number and a non generic email?? So they pulled me fron my front desk and put a TECHNICAL ASSISTANT at the front. Wonderful lady, not so much as a student services position.

So here I am, week 3 after being exiled into the inner office. I have lost 3/4 of my duties since the switch, have no customer/vendor interaction, and am in general VERY disappointed in my job. I was not supposed to be so bored every day that I spend my time on here. There was supposed to be organization and daily tasks for me to do. Nope, that never happened either.

Soooo....i have been looking for a full time position in either marketing or admin assistance/general office. I LOVE what I do, I like to help out my students, as well as the public that comes into my facility.....I just hate being bored. I feel like I am stealing from my company but they won't cut back my hours or anything. I'm so not okay with that. Hope something pans out!!

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