i'm JEALOUS if your one of those parents who post questions that your a first time parent and you need help with something because your not sure.

~i have let a single and childless SIL figure that out herself. She told me all about it just from reading up on it and watching the kids she babysat. she apparently knows more then me.

i'm JEALOUS if you get to ONLY spent time with your inlaws on holidays but have your own life at home with no interferences.

~i have lived with my inlaws most of my married life and the husband made sure to see them EVERY weekend when we got our own place OR they'd come spend the weekend with us.

i'm JEALOUS if you accidently dress your child in an outfit that isnt meant for a cold day but it turned out to be a cold day and you STILL didnt change the child.

~SIL changed my child's clothes if she didnt like it on him and made sure i felt guilty about it.

i'm JEALOUS if you don't have to worry about someone stealing your child's clothing and shoes.

~ i have allowed SIL to take whatever she wanted and whenever she wanted without questions.

i'm JEALOUS if you let your child have a trantum and it may go on for hours.

~ SIL was always there for my child no matter what, took him away and made sure we looked like bad parents by down talking us when the child was upset.

i'm JEALOUS if you have a meltdown because life is hard when raising your child.

~i have had meltdowns because i wasnt close to my child, SIL took care of him just like a mommy would.

i'm JEALOUS when you say you love your husband to DEATH.

~i blame a lot on my husband and i see him as a failing parent. it makes me push further away and i don't seem to love him the same anymore.

i'm JEALOUS when you say you have rules for your child.

~the SIL made sure we didn't discipline our own child the way she didnt want us to and make us feel crappy for trying to be parents.

i'm JEALOUS if you made a mistake as a parent.

~ i don't even know what a mistake is. SIL always made sure she had her wings hovered over my child.

i'm JEALOUS you have a friend who always stuck by you through thick and thin.

~i was always too scared to get close to anyone to tell them what was going on in my life, nobody ever told me "this is what you should do."

i'm JEALOUS when you have happy family days together.

~ the SIL always made sure she was part of our family days and she still couldnt find her own happiness, she always knew how to ruin it.

i'm JEALOUS if all of your inlaws like you equally.

~SIL makes sure she turns it into a competition, she needs more acceptance from one and treats that person like she's in a relationship with them then to get along with everybody equally.

I'm JEALOUS if your inlaws don't have a favorite child.

-the SIL made sure she favored my first child and hate every child that came after that, still, her parents never cared, in fact, nobody cared.

i'm JEALOUS if your constantly not having to deal with mental issues in a person and walking on eggshells.

-the SIL makes sure she is in everyone's business and blames me for wanting to be in her life and not having my own life and god forbid if anyone should upset her.

I'm JEALOUS if you don't have to put up with a BI-polar personality.

-It's a constant battle trying to tell someone they need help but ignores it.

i'm JEALOUS if your not constantly thinking there's no need to start a fresh new life.

-i'm constantly feeling like i'm in a losing battle with my kids, they need to live a happy life, not a miserable one, so therefore, when oppertunity arrives i think we should start fresh but i dont know how to forget and forgive the past, it usually sneaks up on me again.

I'm JEALOUS if your not constantly thinking of a divorce.

-we got a dream house, kids and the possibilities are endless, the husband makes me out to be a child, he's constantly setting "ground rules" for me. i'm willing to get help with our marriage, hopefully that will help him, if not me.




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