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My Love Journal

I am a newly wed. I met my husband Frank on a night when I wasn't looking for anyone or any type of relationship. He is a family man. We have 6 kids all together and we love spending time with them. He is not too romantic but this morning I woke up to headphones in my ears with a love song in spanish called "while you were sleeping" i think that these are the moments that we live for. I am so in love right now I feel like it is a fairy tale. Thank you babe for making my day!

Every wednesday is our date night. We go out to a restaurant and eat of course but it is our night to share our deepest secrets, laugh out loud, cry....we do it all together. We have been doing this for about 8 months now and we have not let anything get in the way because we need the time alone! can't wait to see what tonight has to offer :)


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