...and with every voice I take away, I acquire yet another language”

“...and if you are happily married, I will make sure that your marriage fails”

“...your money will fall into my hands and I will bankrupt you for my own self gain”

“...I will make it virtually impossible for your family to attend a temple, birthday party, a public park without a struggle, without embarrassment, without pain”

“...I will plot to rob you of your children and your dreams.”

“When you came for my child you forgot. You came for me.”

None of the money goes to help families of children affected by autism it is all for research into finding a cure. I was advised to watch autism everyday a video produced by autism speaks before my dd got diagnosed it is so sad and disgusting the way they talked about the autistic children. it really scared me. i will say yes we have bad days but nowhere near what their scare tactic video makes it appear and my dd is severely autistic and non verbal.

One of the goals of autism speaks is for prenatal tests to detect autism in utero. I suppose they want to "cure" autism by eugenics. Autism speaks does not speak for me or my child!

You can feel free to disagree with me if you want I don't care but no nastiness or verbal attacks please. I am so tired of seeing autism speaks get all this support and just wanted to show another viewpoint.

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Sep. 20, 2011 at 1:09 PM

Okay, I can't agree or disagree with you on Autism Speaks because I haven't looked into them beyond getting my 100-day kit from them last month. I have to say though regarding the second video that those costs for executives actually seem low to me considering the organization's reach. I work for an international nonprofit, and the executives in some cases make more than what is featured in that video. If you want the best people working for you, you have to pay them accordingly, because they could easily go to the for-profit sector and make even more. It's sad, but money does influence these decisions.

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