So i had a check up today, im 37 weeks.. and he still didnt check me? I remember being checked all the time with Blaze at this point i only have two more appointments til the C section date. but I let him know my Plug came out so i thought for sure he would want to check and see if maybe im diealated but nothing! i mean wtf im going nuts here, im sick to death of being preggo and it would help at least to have an update of some kind! but instead he just says ok how do you feel.. listens to the heart beat and all done.. i mean why the fuck even have me come in? how do i feel, i feel like shit! and you just wasted an hour of my time haveing me sit in the waiting room for you to ask a fucking question!? im soo pissed right now, i want an update i need something to get me by im loseing it!

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