Dearest Readers this has been a horribly long day.  We had to be at the hospital at 5 this morning to have my here for her surgery.  We finally got back to her room around 4 this afternoon.  She is doing ok.  Kind of in and out of it.  The doctor repaired the hernia and took some of nodules out that showed up on the PET scan last month.  He doesn't think they are cancer but wants to make sure.  I am praying like there is NO tomorrow that it isn't.  Fight the cancer that has invaded her lungs will be enough to deal with.  In a couple of weeks she will start the threapy treatments and again praying hard that it helps otherwise we move onto chemo.  She has agreed to chemo but dreads it at the sametime.  She got so sick from the radiation and then chemo.  So lets hope the hormone threapy works.  Well I am sorry there is no sex toy news today but I am so worried and stressed.  I have worked on it some today...talked with nurses and such....posted my blogs and other advertising for I am praying God helps business to pick up since I won't be able to work and take care of my mom.  Anyway if you are interested in selling or hosting a party please checkout my website at




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