Hi, my name is Anna. I have been married 8 yrs this June 20th to Zack. We share the same birthday, July 16th and are 3 years apart. We have 4 children, Katherine Ann 01/2004, Zachery Aiden 08/2005, Brooklyn Elizabeth 09/2008, and Isabella June 04/2010.

   I am the oldest of three girls, Anna 24, Jessica 20, Tabitha 17. My mother and father divorced twice(yes I said twice) the first time I was 8 and the second time I was 19 and had my older two children. My father has been in the picture very little since he left because his new life(whom he left my mother for) doesn't like any of his family, his loss not mine. My mother on the other hand has been there for me and my family through thick and thin and I could not ask for anybody better. She has spent the last 6 years raising my other two sisters alone.

   My husband is in the National Guard, he has been enlisted since July 2009. He is a freshmen in college and is going for Engineering Physics. Next year at some point(not aloud to say when, sorry) he is going on his first deployment. I am anxious, scarred, and yet excited all at the same time. I have no idea what to expect while he is gone.

   On May 1st I am starting a new diet called KetoMist and hope to be very successful with it. My husband doesn't know about it because he is going on a three week drill next month and I hoping to surprise him. This diet is suppose to help your metabolism and make you lose 1 to 2 lbs. a day, so I am hoping to be able to show my husband the results when he gets back. I am at 200 lbs. right now and I am hoping to lose 70 lbs. all together. That will make me at a lower weight than I was at in High School. 

I think this enough for my first journal entry, 

Thank you for reading,  Anna  



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