So I guess I should start from the beginning. I was a pretty wild child when I was younger...After High School I moved to NC, and then moved back to NY about a year later. I met a guy at a club when I was 20. He lied to me about everything, his age, name, everything. I even met his family and the truth still didnt come out because everyone called him by his nickname. Well I ended up pregnant. I was happy really happy and then I found out about the lies. Come to find out he was wanted for 10 years for violating parole, I hated him. Was angry that he was who my unborn babies father was. When I was 30 weeks pregnant I moved back to NC. Had my beautiful baby girl in March, and a couple months later I conviced Omar ( her dad ) to turn himself in. He did. He resents me alot for that but I dont care I resent him for lying to me and getting me in such a horrible mess. Although I am greatful for my daughter I still cant help but wish she had a different father. He is out of jail now and sees her for the most part everyother weekend. However he is a horrible dad. He is only around when he has a girlfriend. So Im waiting for his new wife to realize what kind of man he is and leave him, and then I know he will be out of my daughters life. She is 4 and already seeing the kind of man he is. I have tried to lie to cover up his broken promises but she sees right through them. She told me the other day that her daddy is a lier. My heart broke because as much as I hate this man, I dont want my daughter to grow up knowing what a piece of shit her father is. I dont want her to associate the real dad he is too how a dad is supposed to be

. Luckily two years ago ( well two years on the 22nd ) I met the most amazing man. He is my rock, my everything. He treats my daughter as his own, and even though she knows he is not her dad and she doesnt call him dad she knows how he treats her is how a dad should treat a child. He has done everything for me and my daughter. He moved from CA to NY to be with us. To be a family! He doesnt even have children of his own (yet) but he stepped right into daddy role and is the best dad my daughter could have. Like I said I dont have her call him dad she calls him Pino, she doesnt need to get confused but she knows she is loved and thats all that matters...

Soon we will be adding an addition to our family. Pino and I are expecting our first baby together oct 6th. I couldnt be more thrilled. To finally have a man in my life that I love, truly love and to be having a baby with him. Its the most amazing feeling in the world. Tomorrow I got for a check up and am excited because they will tell me when I go for my ultrasound to find out the sex! So I will be sure to update.

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