Hey Ya'll~~ How was your week? Hope all was well, and you had a wonderful week achieving your goals! Sorry this update is so late tonight but it has been a busy week and I have family coming in tomorrow and then Easter weekend is upon us! What are your plans for the Easter Holiday?
     So this week was good as well as keeping up doing week 1 challenges. I did have a bad day where it seemed like nothing went well. I pulled a muscle in my back so mommy was out of commission and daddy and the kids had a load of fun! c:

Nutrition- Pick one Meal a Day to Make Healthier-
I choose breakfast to make more healthier and this seemed to work pretty good and was fairly easy instead of pop tarts and sugar cereal, the kids had waffles, toast-apple sauces- and bananas, pancakes, cereal bar and yogurt, and they did have cereal this morning - honey nut cheerios however! So I think was fairly easy for us.

Health- Learn what everyons BMI is-
    We did do this and all of us are in healthy range, Im in healthy range barely (but hello i did have the kids) lol.. no excuses but I'm just happy I was in healthy range. I got a new exercise bike and was working out on it and enjoying, but I hurt my back from Saturday to Tuesday and haven't been on it. How was your families Body Mass Index?

Fitness: Committ to atleast 5 min of Physical Activity Daily.
    I definitely was able to keep up this, even though its been a rough week and not everything that normally gets done was done, but physical activity definitely has been done. My kids are definitely very active, our afternoons are spent outside. We have been playing basketball but mostly working in the yard and around the house. We had a lot to get done since we have family in staying at the house and a family Easter egg hunt on Sunday. What did you all do to stay active?? We definitely will keep this up! This is one of the easier goals to achieve.

Happiness: Set a Strict Bedtime!
    Getting enough sleep is definitely important and something that should always be important but some how you go from a teenage where sleep is all that matters to a adult where sleep is a long lost friend. We have been trying to be in bed NO later then 11 pm. However I feel that is about to be broken for a few days because there are things that have to be done and taken care of because it will never get done otherwise..

     So even though this was a busy and hectic week, it did go pretty good and I think we stuck to all of our goals considering the circumstances. Hope you all had a successful week as well. Look for Week 3 Challenges tomorrow! I'm going to get those up by noon CST!

                                               ~~~ HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE~~~

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 12:31 AM

YAY!! Good Luck!!!

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