Runaway With Me, Alice

Into My Imagination

Warning: This is Slash, Yaio, Homo-Erotic. Whatever you want to call it. Not meant for everyone. (Even though this is straight Fluff.) First Chapter of a small chapter story.

Title: "Defining Perfection"


After 8 years of what appeared to be a near perfect relationship, Bill and Tom have found themselves seeking the help of a marriage counselor. Now they are given the assignment to list all the positive words that describe their partner. And Tom finds himself stuck on one word. Perfection


Chapter 1 "Introducing the Couple"


The sun set high in the sky. Tom smiled softly as the rays kissed his skin just right, warming him as he lounged in the deck chair on the balcony. He stretched against the back of the plastic piece of furniture, his back popping loudly from the pressure. A soft groan passed his lips as he settled back down, eyes fluttering shut as he enjoyed the warmth of the sun on his face.

The light sounds of feet against linoleum met his ears, and his smile brightened more. Soft muttering, drawers being opened and closed, and then, finally, a “Tomi..” perked him up. Tom shifted around, turning himself so he could peer into the kitchen.

“Yes, babe?”

As soon as the words fell from his lips, a head of onyx colored hair popped out the sliding door. Bill, Tom's husband of four years, appeared in the doorway, clad in nothing but a pair of low sitting track pants.

“Do you know where my notebook is?” Bill asked as he jerked his head, trying to move a strand of hair from in front of his honey brown eyes. Tom sucked his lip ring into his mouth, gnawing on it.

“Um, did you check on the nightstand in our bedroom?”

The onyx haired young man popped his hip, biting down on his plush lower lip, pulling it slowly from between his teeth.


Tom smiled softly, a rumble of laughter rolling in his chest.

“Then maybe you should start there, love. Where you last had it.”

He let his eyes wander over his husband’s long, slender body, taking in the ink on his skin and random glistening of the sun off of his piercings. A tug in his lower half caused him to exhale quickly, before forcing his eyes back up to Bill's face. The man in the doorway smiled, catching the sudden exhale.

“Thanks, baby,” he replied quickly, ducking down just enough to press a smooth, soft kiss to Tom's puckered lips.

Tom's face lit up upon feeling his love's lips on his. He hummed into the kiss, before pulling back.

“I love you,” he whispered.

His eyes lingered on the soft, angelic face in front of him. Bill winked before standing back up, spinning on his heels and disappearing back into the kitchen once again. Tom turned himself back around in the chair, groaning as the scent of the other’s cologne lingered in the air around him.

He scratched absently at his cap covered dreads, eyes fluttering shut once more, before sighing. The dread head folded his hands behind his head and let his mind wander, thinking back on his marriage, relationship, and all that had happened to him in the past eight years. From the moment he laid eyes on his beautiful husband, to the day he asked him out, and when he asked that beautiful creature to marry him. Another sigh passed his lips as the thought of their current situation stirred itself up in his mind.

Bill cursed softly, the word coming out in a breath as he dug around for the small notebook. His eyes flickered back and forth through the drawer he was currently elbows deep in, no sign of the small composition book anywhere. He sighed, blowing a puff of breath up to flutter the loosely hanging strand of black hair from his view.

“Where the hell could it be...” he murmured to himself, shifting as he shut the drawer softly.

The sounds of fabric shuffling and softs sighing ghosted in with the gentle breeze, telling him that his one and only was not to far from sight. A gentle flicker of a smile fell upon his lips as he slowly turned, knowing if anyone knew where his beloved notebook would be, it would be Tom.

Bill hummed a soft melody as he puttered his way to the sliding glass door. The very door separating him from the young man that held a tight hold on his heart. His wriggled his toes slowly as he stepped to the door, taking a soft breath before calling out his husband's name.


Bill's smile brightened when a slightly deeper voice responded “Yes, babe?”

His heart fluttered in his chest and traveled down to his stomach. The familiar sensation of butterflies flapped around, causing the dark haired young man to squirm. Tom had always had this hold on him, from the very first day their eyes met across the room in junior high. This feeling was what the young man desperately held onto when their otherwise perfect marriage had hit it's share of rough patches. He kept the faith that they'd make it through, unscathed for the most part. He expected a few bruises, but nothing that would make him feel the need to leave the man he so deeply loved.

Bill let his eyes flicker over Tom's sun kissed face, unable to stop the incessant fluttering in his stomach. He gently placed his hand over his abdomen and cleared his throat.

“Do you know where my notebook is?”

Jerking his head and trying to, once again, move that annoying strand of black hair from his vision, he watched as the young man across from him sucked the metal hoop adorning his lower lip into his mouth before responding.

“Um, Did you check on the nightstand in our bedroom?”

Bill stood in the doorway a moment, eyes wandering off as he rambled off the many places he'd previously checked. His eyes flickered back to his husband's face.


The rumble of laughter that rolled through Tom's chest caused Bill's heart to speed up, hammering erratically in his chest bone.

“Then maybe you should start there love. Where you last had it.”

Bill couldn't stop the small smile from spreading, knowing that the dread head knew him so well to be able to remember the possible last place he had his beloved notebook.

“Thanks, baby,” he chirped out, stepping out onto the deck, bending down to press a soft kiss to his husband's perfect pouty lips.

Bill slowly broke the kiss between them, letting his lips pull back from the other pair gently. His eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks before slowly opening, locking onto the pair in front of him. A whisper soft “I love you” causes him to linger in the hunched position. He thought over the most appropriate response, settling on a quick wink. He watched as Tom's eyes flickered before softening back out. He felt the tug to recapture those pouty lips in his again, but stood up instead. As much as he loved kissing his husband into a mindless, stuttering puddle, finding his notebook was a more pressing subject. His husband would still be there in a few minutes.

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