Originally posted March 24, 2010

Dear Spring,

Ahhhhhh….Spring….you sneaky little devil….you tease me and taunt me with your hints of days to come.  You send a few lovely days my way as a token…then rip them away with some nasty days of rain and cold and make my heart a little gloomy.

Then you come back again and my heart lifts to the joy of open windows and flip-flops and light weight jackets.  Thoughts of days at the park, pool, or simply taking walk with my boys start to drift in and refuse to leave. Memories of Springs past come to mind and make me smile.

Then you leave…yet again. Days of cold and hunching over against the cold wind are back, making me wish Mother Nature would just make up her mind already. I think, “Why would Mother Nature want to do such a thing? She brings warmth and then the cold so fast my body can’t adapt fast enough.  Doesn’t She know She is going to make everyone sick? I think She must be in league with the cold medicine companies.”

Finally, one day I will notice, She has made up her mind. Spring you are here to stay. With your warm sun the flowers will start to bloom, the grass will turn green again, the trees will come back to life. I will stand outside and lift my face to sun and bask in its beauty, take a deep breath and hope every day is a glorious as that one moment.

So, Spring, while you my send my emotions back and forth, thank you for bringing our world back to life.


The Mommy

Flowers on the backyard

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