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  Did you know that this weekend is Easter?? I That means we are gonna be at the park this weekend. I can't remember when. I always forget do they do Saturday in the park Easter weekend or actaully do something  on Easter  Sunday.Hopefully one of my kids will know but they are both at school right now.We go to see their little cousin. She is always in the parade.There are alot of games my 14 and 15 year old are way to old for. The easter egg hunt,ball toss  and I forget what else.But all the kids get a toy.All of that usually happens before the parade.I think my kids  can still do the raffle.Usually the prizes in those are geared more towards older kids. Sometimes they'll have a wagon or a trike but I have seen them do 10 speed bikes  before. We will see.

  I did my work out this morning. I may have done to much.I did yoga,zumba,belly dancing and pilates all in 45 minutes. I feel good and am hoping I won't be to sore later.I don't think working out is my problem.I haven't been drinking water like I used to.I used to drink 2 1/2 liters of water a day.I don't know why but I could never do 3 without getting sick. But any way I need to start drinking that water again.

  I might be going to the office today. Will find out when hubby gets up and ready for work.The air-conditioner doesn't work there.Lot's of cold water will be good! Oh I heard this on the today Show last week.This lady was saying you should drink room tempature water but hot water helps in loosing wieght?She said she carries hot water with her all the time. Weird.I don't know if I can bring myself to drink hot water but I can do room tempt.

  Oh I found out that there is 5 weeks of school left.Who came up with  the school schedule this year?Graduation and Prom always happen back to back.They had prom last weekend. I don't know maybe that is good there is more school left than I thought. Usually They have Prom then the next weekend is graduation, then school is out for the  summer....Just mixin thinngs up I guess.


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Apr. 21, 2011 at 12:51 PM


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