I really don't want to make a post about this on the boards, but I really have to get this out. 

What is wrong with us, as a country? How did we get so greedy, selfish, and overall apathetic to our fellow citizens? How? Why? When did it become okay to advocate for the starvation of children just to (hopefully) see an extra (maybe) $10 a week in your paycheck? To see a cancer patient die because they cannot afford healthcare? To see a family live in the streets because they cannot afford (for ANY reason) a place to live? When did this become okay? 

Yes, people. I am talking about the public assistance programs, and the shocking stance alot of moms on here take concerning it.

How can a mother, with children of her own, come out and say that children who go hungry because their parents can't/won't/don't have ajob should be considered collateral damage just for the sake of an extra few bucks in their paycheck? That it's a GOOD thing if there were no social safety nets in place for the unemployed/underemployed/etc of this country? I guess I can't understand that mentality. 

Yes, I know the country is broke. Yes, I know there is abuse of the system by the lazy. Yes, I know we ALL (who are employed in ANY field/job) work very hard for our money. I know what it feels like to work hard and see a good chunk disappear from my paycheck before it is even in my hands for taxes. I also see first hand the obvious able bodied people who whip out the EBT card for garbage and then pay cash for a $60 carton of cigarettes. I see it every day.

While I shake my head at the waste of resources, I also understand that this is not the norm. It is easier to remember the ones who abuse versus the ones that it helps. 

Who am I (or you for that matter) to judge who is worthy to eat and who is not? Who is worthy of medical care? Of Housing? Heat? Electricity? How can you sleep at night knowing that your apparent lack of empathy for the ones who truly suffer (the children, sick, and elderly) hurt them the most? 

I will NEVER underestand the people who say that Public Assistance is a BAD thing that needs to completely eliminated. I will NEVER understand the people who feel that a child starving to death is an "okay" thing. I will NEVER understand how someone can say it's "survival of the fittest". 

Ladies. It's a few dollars out of your paycheck. Just like it is out of mine. We all band together for the COMMON good. Whether lazy or not, poor or not, highly skilled or not, we are ALL people. You will ALWAYS have good and bad. Those that abuse, and those that just need that little extra help. We ALL have to do our part in society. If that means that I lose a few dollars out of my paycheck so a child in this country can go to bed tonight with a full tummy (even if the parents are "No good, lazy drug addicted scum") then I go to bed knowing I did a GOOD thing, and that I am doing my part for society. I will NOT begrudge a family food, shelter, heat, electricity, and, heaven forbid, a toy or two just so I can have that extra dollar or two in my paycheck. 

I am extremely saddend by the people in this country who think that the few dollars extra in their paychecks is worth a child's life. 

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 1:02 PM

I am with you.  Because the person you help today maybe the person who saves your life or the life of some one you love in the future.  Also Jesus said "Love thy neighbor as you love your self" He also says that everyone in the world is your neighbor. When you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, heal the sick, comfort the hurting, all these things you are doing unto him.  There was a time when I needed help not much just a little and it was there, so I have no problem giving money so that some one who needs help can get it.

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 2:38 PM

Children are never acceptable collatoral damage. These are the people who will be taking care of us when we are old: it is our job to take care of them right now.

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 2:59 PM

I agree fully....

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Apr. 22, 2011 at 3:31 PM

I completely agree. THe thing that pisses me off is that people act like ALL of their taxes are being sent towards public assistance, when in reality a very small portion is being sent to public assistance. It also pisses me off that someone has the nerve to pay attention to how someone in front of them is paying for their food. When I go to the grocery store I don't pay attention to how the person in front of me is paying for their food, I DON'T CARE AND I DON'T KNOW THAT PERSONS SITUATION SO WHO AM I TO JUDGE?!?! I don't give a fuck if the kids only eat junk food atleast they are eating! I don't care if a woman is on her 6th pregnancy and is on assistance, atleast she is able to get healthcare! Its a SMALL portion of taxes that go towards assistance, and there are bigger portions of taxes that are going for a lot worse things than a kid eating junk food...I mind my own damn business, maybe its because I have enough going on around me as it is that I don't feel the need to stress out about something that I have NO control  over.

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