Finding those perfect, super cute tees for boys just is not as easy as if you are doing it for girls. That was until I came across Shirts That Go. They have it all everything from train shirts to to fire truck shirts.


I was lucky enough to be able to review a Bulldozer shirt from their construction t-shirts collection. I knew only one person that would get the must out of this shirt and give me the best review of little Reese. For those who don’t know Reese is my nephew and all boy! He loves all sorts of construction items and this was a perfect fit.


I take the shirt to him and tell him he has to tell me all about, he’s 3, so his response is very important. The first thing he says it “It’s a bulldozer. My like bulldozers.” Score one for Aunt Rita! Oh wait..score one for Shirts That Go!! I will tell you that he loves his shirt. I won’t tell you want it looks like now that he has worn it to death.


{PROS} Super cute shirts for boys, site is very easy to naviagate.


{CONS} I wish there were other color choice. i know that white really makes the pictures stand out however it makes every stain stain out as well.


{SHOP} Shop Shirts That Go Online.

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