Yesterday, I came home to a package waiting on my doorstep... A package from my Cookie Lee  headquarters... Which immediately got my brain swirling, "gosh, what did they accidentally send or charge me FOR!"  lol  Thankfully..... I opened it up and found a letter that I had surpassed sales goals in my first few months with Cookie Lee and had earned bonus points towards earning a free trip to Puerto Rico and a FREE $200 pack of jewelry from the new Spring/Summer 2011 Cookie Lee catalog!!(wrapped up so pretty inside the box with it)..... I was so excited.... =) 

     If you know me, you know I am not your "sales woman" type person, nor did I ever imagine I would be selling jewelry and actually MAKING money off of it! lol  But, to find myself doing something I enjoy soooo much while I continue chasing my school and family dreams, it's totally and peacefully overwhelming.......

I am so thankful right now..... To my sponsor, my Cookie Lee sisters who've been so helpful, to my family, friends and customers!!! I am soooo blessed to have you all.... Thank you for making this such a fun endeavor for me..... My heart is so full right now and I just wanted to share.... <3 you all.....


Last, I just wanted to say, coming up will be some AMAZING drawings/catalog shows/GIVEAWAYS  (MY BIGGEST yet to post/premier Sunday, so keep an eye out ;)... I wanted so bad, to find a way to reward my customers more and my friends and fam, and then came along this box of amazing goodies.....So, I am going to pass them on... =)  keep an eye out for some goodies, from me to you!!! Thank you so much for the support!!! xoxoxoxo


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