So my grandpa had surgery and is doing fine and my grandma is not doing so well and no one around her is helping out so i took it upon myself to get some info for her and she gets called and yelled at for having me help her and all i could think of is who in the hell are they to say i can not help her she is my grandma i have been around her my hole life more then most of them have then to top it off my son has to have a brain ultra sound and my husband might have cancer and then to day i find out that i might have to have surgery for my gallbladder i have been dealing with it for over a year and so they want to figure something out sorry i had to vent a little i just don't get family its like they are just waiting for my grandma to drop over dead so they can go threw her stuff it fills like that's all they care about . Sorry about the spelling im just alittle mad right now over everything

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