I wrote them a check for the amount due and it was processed. I chek my account more money was taken out than I expected. I called Comcast and they were like oh well we charge for over the account transactions. I was like the agent before did not tell me that. Lets say he did tell me but I didnt hear him when he said "is it okay if I process $xxx"? That amount did not include the processing fee.

Comcast makes you feel bad for everything. They act like it is ur fault ur the dummy and blah blah blah. I knew a girl that works there and all she ever does is say how stupid people are. Like hold up u ain't winning a noble peace.

So i called my bank cause that has to be some sort of illegal type thing and they were like we can refund u the money. They explained when Comcast wrote the check they put the higher amount. I have the check I wrote on for my records and I did not approve the higher amount. It sucks cause I have the cable on so my son can watch the fun shows and I need the internet for online classes. I had to ask my dad for money to pay it so I can do the work from home and not go out. He was kind enough to help me so it hurts more than after having to ask him to get help the money (I) was disrespected in that way.

Before the agent confirmed the amount he should have told me the amount with processing. I don't get who they get away with shit like that. they told me we can credit ur comcast account. I am like I don't live off of Comcast I live off of my bank account. That doesnt do me any good. Fuck next month bill. I have to do shit today. My rent check came out the same day because comcast fucked me over the rent check was overdrawn.

The bank gave me my money back. I am still going to be without internet and cable soon. it is like comcast should credit my entire accout for the failure to comminucate this shit. When the agent confirmed the amount and asked if i was okay he should have had the ENTIRE amount fees include. Not have me write a check for one amount and charge me for another.That shit is fraud as fuck.

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Sorry I had Suddenlink when I lived in Texas and they are worse than Comcast. Comcast is huge and they fuck over everybody.. I have now Direct TV and Verizon Wireless for internet.. I love Direct TV they are pretty good at making sure you will not get fucked over.... good luck

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 5:27 PM

We also switched from Comcast to Directv... Comcast was trying to double bill us, then not being able to tell us WHY.. Nope.. not playing that game. You're better off going with a different company.. 

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 7:28 PM

Yeah shitty thing is that Comcast is the only provider in my area. I'm searching though. That is some bs...they trying to make me feel like I should be greatful they do anything. They should be greatful I was a fucking customer. Bitches.

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 8:23 PM

We also switched from Comcast to Direct TV because of double bills.  I'd check into another company also

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