Question: Would you be willing to be 100% positive for n entire day on CM?




I dont think I can

I would love to try!

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My personal belief is that no matter what website you will go on, even if it is based on "support" of one another, you will find a word f hurt, judgement, cruelty, and anger! I expect noone to understand me, or my reasonings for the things that I do or the way I live, But I do expect people to look at things from the other side of the fence! My point here, is that If I bottle feed an defend it, you shouldn't assume I chose not to breastfeed out of selfishness, you must ask questions in order to make a respnsible decision on your part as to whether or not you agree or disagree! Too many women are bashing their own kind! Men dont understand us, women without children dont understand us, so realy we only have one another, and yet we knock ech other down as often as possible! In my personal opinion, God made us the way we are, and yes, we have choices, but there is always mistakes made by ALL of us, and sometimes it takes a person hearing your "dark" secret and being KIND and trying to lisen to help you make a change! Negative attitudes will only bring on negative reactions, which will not help anyone change! If we all were to take one day on CAFEMOM, to say nothing but nice or nothing at all, I think we would find we are happier with ourselves, and each other! Plus God would be honored to see his children beng so loving and kind! I hope people understand my point! Have a blessed day CM!

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