So I went to a nursery school today to show off the product I had on hand.  Of course, yes it is the wonderful and everso exciting Barefoot Books.  And I must admit I was a little nervous.  I dont do well with public speaking, atleast not in my opinion.  Well the directors at the nursery school were so excited and happy that I wanted to introduce their students to "living barefoot" way of life.  Which in turn made me very excited as well.  Now here comes the nerve racking part for me.  They want me to speak in front of the board at a meeting at the beginning of the month!!  I gladly and very excitedly said yes, but my stomach was flipping and yelling at me inside.  So I have to calm myself down and write a speech of some sort, or pitch you might say, for the board.

I am a nervous wreck!!!!  

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