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 I don't think I did to terribly bad today with my diet.For lunch I had a cheese sammie, had mayo on it and a breakfast bar thing.For dinner hubby decided on tuna sammies.It is really hot and no one wants to cook.I didn't have cheese on that but I think I ate to many almonds.They are just plain almonds though.I have been drinking water all day.I have already had 2 liters of it.Ugh. Water is not  my favorite thing to be drinking.But a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do! lol

  I am burnin up here and could really go for some ice cream.I am not gonna have it though.I don't know about other states but here in Alamogordo it goes from 47 one day to 80 to 90 something the next.That is how we know winter is over.My stove rarely comes on in spring/summer...My diet is gonna be alot of light stuff like salads, tuna and fruit.If I could  bring myself to give up the tuna  I could just go vegeterian. (sp?) But I don't think I have that much will power.

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 9:53 PM

GOOD LUCK! Sounds like you are doing great!

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