plant a treePlants and children have so much in common, you give them nurture, nutrients, sun, water, and watch them grow tall and fast.

Once my friend and I went to gather weeping willow branches for crafts and when we finished our crafts we went along in life and forgot a spare branch on the porch.  The branch left behind stayed there for the winter, and was found in the spring with roots growing from one end and leaves from the other.  My friend exclaimed she would take this little amazing branch home and plant it in the ground  to see how it would grow.

She left for college and the tree continued to grow.  When I visited her one vacation that she came home I was surprised to see a beautiful tree with weeping branches.  I stated how nice that tree looked there and she told me that was once the branch that had survived a winter on a porch.

I admire willow trees in my life.  As a child I would sit in the branches of willow that grew next to a stone wall along side the lake I grew up next to.  When I sat in the tree I would think of the reasons this willow tree is strong.  Flexible in the wind some branches may break off, but the tree itself will stand strong.  When put against impossible odds it will grow strong from a single branch.  I think we could all learn a lesson from the willow tree.  Flexibility will keep you strong against the storm, though you may think you are breaking to pieces you are still standing strong, if a piece of you breaks off try to grow something new from that break, and if you get knocked down keep on growing.

Good luck in life, remember the willow.

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